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Grindrod Bank and Grindrod Asset Management have an active interest in transforming and enriching South Africa. As such, The Blue Fund has been created with a focus on the sustainable development of coastal communities and conservation of coastal marine ecosystems.

Grindrod being a diverse company had its roots in the maritime industry and with this comes an intense understanding of the environmental issues that pose a threat to our communities in general. In order to establish a sustainable socio economic development program the financial services division viz. Grindrod Bank Ltd and Grindrod Asset Management have partnered with Wildlands Conservation Trust to address the needs of the communities affected by polluted coastlines.

As custodians of the coastline, Grindrod via The Blue Fund will seek to transform and uplift through clearly defined projects which include:

The Blue Flag Beach Drive - KZN North Coast

African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary - Overstrand region, Western Cape

Coastal Forest Restoration - Port St. Johns, Eastern Cape