Exchange Traded Funds

Located in Johannesburg, the heart of Africa’s financial industry, CORESHARES is a business within the Grindrod Financial Services Group that managers a collective investment scheme in securities, specialises in index tracking investment solutions across Exchange Traded Funds. An Exchange Traded Fund or ETF, is an investment fund that tracks an index, like the JSE All Share Index.  Essentially ETFs are a “basket” of shares, rather than a single stock, so by buying ETFs investors are exposed to multiple companies while simply buying one share.  ETFs are traded much like stocks through the stock exchange, but because of their diversified nature they have lower risk and generally reduced volatility.

CORESHARES’ goal is to transform the way people invest by providing them with high quality core products at greatly reduced rates in order to help build their investment portfolios.  By investing in CORESHARES ETFs you will have access to high quality ETFs at lower fees.

Our goal at CORESHARES is to transform the way you invest by providing you with quality products to help build the foundations of your core investment portfolio. Find out more