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Grindrod Bank proudly provides banking services for the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grant recipients, paying 17 million grants to 10.6 million distinct cardholders amounting to R11bn per month in close association with Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) who provide the card technology and manage the card programme on behalf of the government of South Africa.

The re-registration of grant recipients and the use of fingerprint biometrics at registration to verify the identities of grant recipients has resulted in significant benefits to the country. The new grant disbursement system was designed to minimise fraudulent grant applications and collections in addition to reducing grant administration costs by distributing all grant payments electronically to eligible beneficiaries. This has resulted in direct savings of over R10 billion over the 5 years of distributing the grants , as enumerated by SASSA, by the termination of  questionable grant recipients from the SASSA database.

Each grant recipient has a Grindrod Bank account (Terms & Conditions), which is offered free of monthly charges and which provides full access to traditional banking services such as ATM’s, EFTs and POS transactions. The SASSA cardholder additionally benefits from this innovative solution by being able to transact offline in rural areas where there is no formal banking infrastructure. This project has resulted in the biggest banking-the-unbanked exercise in the history of South Africa; the biggest single enrolment project undertaken by MasterCard internationally; and the first MasterCard UEPS biometric –enabled debit card in the world.