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Grindrod Bank is a national financial institution based in South Africa, with offices in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

For nearly two decades, Grindrod Bank has operated as a competitive investment bank offering a personalised approach to financial services through its established relationships with private, corporate and institutional investors. With our focus on leveraging a well-capitalised balance sheet with human intellect, Grindrod Bank has been able to build a solid client franchise and act strategically in navigating the evolving financial landscape.

SASSA Project

Grindrod Bank proudly provides banking services for the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grant recipients. Our close association with Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) - who provide the card technology and manage the card programme on behalf of the government of South Africa - involves the monthly payments of 20.9 million grants to 9.77 million distinct cardholders amounting to R9.5 billion.

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What’s there to choose between dividend index trackers?

Up until last year, South African investors really only had one choice when it came to a passive strategy with a dividend focus. n April last year Grindrod launched its DivTrax ETF to give individual investors access to the index. After only a few months it has become clear that the performance of this fund differs noticeably from that of any fund tracking the Dividend Plus Index.